SCB’s vision is “Investing in Knowledge for a Sustainable Future”. 

SCB’s mission is :

  • Sharing our passion for environment, climate, energy, health and safety matters,
  • Offering content-driven continuing education instead of format-driven education,
  • Being flexible, adaptable and anticipating to an ever-changing regulatory environment,
  • Performing interdisciplinary research from a social sciences and humanities perspective, while involving all relevant stakeholders,
  • Delivering competent and tailor-made advisory services, mediation and dispute settlement, 
  • Based on “network-sourcing”, bringing worldwide leading experts in profit, non-profit, government and academic sectors to those who don’t have the time or the opportunity to study or engage abroad,  
  • Being global, and making continuing education and research accessible to everyone, regardless of location and timezone, 
  • Striving for excellence in all activities developed, with the support of a world class group of engaged and competent fellows.